Kacha Golla by Dacca Sweets, Karachi


Kacha Golla by Dacca Sweets Karachi

What is Kacha Golla?

Kacha Gola is a traditional sweet. It is basically common in India but with the flow of populations between Pakistan and India, it is now prepared in Pakistan as well. It is a sweet made from paneer/ cottage cheese and milk and sugar. It is round in shape like a ball and white in shape.

History of Dacca Sweets Karachi

The Dacca sweets shop in Karachi has established around two to three decades ago and since then they have been serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have an appropriate sitting arrangement and home delivery service as well. The sweet is often eaten during breakfast or supper time with tea. The popularity and masses of customers rushing towards the place have now led the shop with dining in, take away, and delivery services as well. It is located in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal town in Karachi. The quality standard maintained with the hygienic standards is the main reason of a mass of people rushing for the sweet. The owner of the shop is Tauseef and with his coworkers, he is putting up an effort to provide the customers not only from Karachi but also other localities with the Kacha Golla. It is also exported to other counties and the freshness is ensured.

Kacha Golla by Dacca Sweets Karachi Ingredients and Recipe

The Kacha Golla takes a few hours to prepare and it is a bit technical as well. The ingredients required are fresh full cream milk, saffron strands, vinegar/ lemon juice, cardamom powder, water, sugar, and cheesecloth. In the initial step, cottage cheese/ paneer is prepared for this purpose few drops of water are added in a pot and milk is added afterwards. The milk is boiled and then the strands of saffron are added with continuous stirring. The lemon juice is mixed with water in half and half quality and then added to the boiling milk. The milk begins to separate from the cheese which is formed. The stove is tuned off right away so that cheese does not harden. After a few minutes, the cheese cloth is used to drain of any water from the cheese and it is ensured that the cheese is dry. It is set aside for about 20-25 minutes and then the whey or materials are separated. The palm is used to mash the cheese for almost 15-20 minutes. In the final step, the lumps will all be removed and a smooth and creamy ball of the cheese will be shaped. The texture depends on the kneading process, if it is done well enough then the end product will be perfect. The creamy ball is broken and sugar is added with crushed cardamom seeds. It is kneading again for a few minutes. The dough is then shaped in the equal size of balls which look quite appealing and are smoothened with the palm. The Kacha Golla tastes best when it is consumed fresh and it is recommended not to refrigerate because it will make it dry and hard and the taste will diminish.

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