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Laddu or laddoo are ball-shaped sweets popular in Pakistan & India. Moteechoor Laddus are made of fresh & pure flour, minced dough as well as sugar with other ingredients which vary by recipe. These are often served at festive or religious occasions.

For delicious, genuine and traditional taste, must taste Moteechoor Laddoo by Jalandhar Motichoor House, Anar Kali, Lahore. These are the most popular laddoos in Pakistan.



Moteechoor laddoo Jalandhar Sweet

Playing a vital role in serving the Indian cuisine the moteechoor Laddoo contains a significance. The Mottee choor Laddoo by Jalandhar Sweet has no match. No doubt it is delicious and sweet and is always admired due to its tangy taste on the dining table. These Laddoos are the famous and the important item of the celebrations, especially weddings and functions. People use to distribute laddoos for their celebration and for the functions or the ceremony. A ball shaped item that is highly sweet and tasty is used to serve in religious occasion and ceremonies.


Laddoo is the important item in the sweet. Distributing laddoo means you are celebrating your events and you are very happy. Containing the ingredients of high energy it is the food that is used to provide the medicinal properties. Admired by the majority of the people in the sub-contenient it is the source of the real taste.


It is full of vitamin A that is an essential ingredient to improve the quality of vision. It contains high amount of Vitamin D and iron and many other healthy nutrients. It is light food and is always recommended in the process of the energizing the body. The delicious food is very efficient in improving the blood pressure of the body in the presence of vitamin K. It provides the strength to the bones as well. It is a true source of fiber that provides the metabolic functions to the cells of the body. It has no fat in it that is why it is amazing.

1. Flour
2. Sugar
3. Minced Dough

Mottee choor Laddoo by Jalandhar Sweet is a super food that has numerous health benefits. The majority of people admires it due to its unique and different taste as well as due to the various advantages related to the health. It improves your metabolic health by providing the energy.

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