Cham Cham by Sohny Sweets & Bakers 2000, Karachi



Cham Cham By Sohny Sweets Bakers 2000 Karachi

Karachi is known for being the biggest city in Pakistan. It is known as the city of lights, another thing Karachi is famous for includes food. If you have ever been to Karachi you must have tried ban kabab, Nihari, Haleem, Prathah roll, and biryani. Biryani made in Karachi is one of the famous biryani in Pakistan, just like the food they know how to balance flavors in everything. If you have a sweet tooth Karachi is like a heaven for you. The best place to satisfy your sweet tooth is Sohny sweet and bakers. They started working in 1980 with just one room at Kehkashan Clifton Karachi, but they have grown over time. Not only in size but they are internationally renowned. Their story is the dream of every foodie and inspiration for every entrepreneur. Although people from all over Pakistan come to try their sweets but most of them are the people who were recommended by their friends and family. They don’t focus on publicity but their loyal customers find their way back to their shop and also recommend other. They have a family business which is more like a legacy. They know how to tempt their customers with sweet, soft, creamy and perfectly balanced flavors. They are not only limited to sweets, they also prepare fresh breakfast products including bread, cake rusk, and other sweets. Although they are famous for every sweet they prepare but one of the famous sweets include cham cham. They have taken away as well as table service.

Cham Cham By Sohny Sweets Bakers Ingredients and recipe

The key ingredients for cham cham include pure buttermilk with water and tartaric acid. Sugar and water are used to dissolve on low heat in order to caramelize the mixture. Pure milk is boiled at low heat until it’s finally boiled after boiling tartaric is mixed in water and it is poured into boiling milk. Milk turns into cheese and this milk is passed through a sieve in order to drain it properly. The water is drained properly and the cheese is mixed properly until it turns into a dough like structure. This dough is formed into balls and is poured into the sweet mixture and heated for almost ten minutes. Perfect cham cham is all good to go. It is served with and without the sweet syrup, mostly people like it without sweet syrup. Dry fruits are sprinkled to enhance the flavor and finally, it is packed into the sweet boxes.

There are two main ways to get the original cham cham of sohny sweet and backers. The first way is to get the cham cham from the original shop that is located at plot no, BC-4, Block No. 7, Kehkashan, Main Clifton, Karachi. Another and rather very simple way is to order it online from where a trained team is waiting to book the order and hand deliver it to you on your doorstep. Their aim is to provide easy access to everyone to the delicacies from all over Pakistan in just one click. You can send it as a gift to your friends living abroad, also you can get your order within two days.

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