Famous Products of Pakistan

If you are fond of traditional foods of Pakistan and have seen the authentic Pakistani recipe blogs, then you would definitely have a taste for the special items of Pakistan. The sweets and delicacies of Pakistan are delivered to you when you place an online order. Some of the most famous products of Pakistan are listed.

Multani Sohan Halwa

There is no chance that you won’t be aware of the special Multani Sohan Halwa. Definitely, you would be because it is the specialty of Pakistan. The blend of fresh milk, dry fruits, and sugar in pure desi ghee makes it mouthwatering. People not only from Pakistan, but also from foreign countries often visit Multan only for the delicious Multani Sohan Halwa. You can also place an online order of Multan’s Sohan halwa.

Karachi Haleem

Karachi Haleem is known for its remarkable and distinctive taste. It has been a specialty of Central Asia, Middle East, and the subcontinent for decades. The mix of wheat, lentils, whole grains, meat, ghee, and spices make it a mouthwatering dish. It has popular sellers in Karachi and it is smartly packed in tin to keep it safe for a couple of days. You can send it as a gift to your loved ones and family members and place and online order at Pakistani Soghat.

Kacha Golla

The traditions of the famous products of Pakistan also encompass the delicious Kacha Golla. In the early times it was famous in India, but now the diversity around the countries has made it a special item of Pakistan as well. The sweet which is made from the blend of cottage cheese or paneer, sugar and milk is beautiful to look as well with its white color and round shape. The addition of saffron strands, full cream milk, vinegar or lemon juice, and cardamom powder makes the Kacha Golla one of its kinds.

Khalifa Nan Khatai

Lahore is famous for its food and welcoming people who are ready to mingle with the guests. One of the specialties of Lahore is Khalifa’s Nan Khatai which is manufactured by the original producers of Khalifa Bakers. They are known not only in Lahore, but around the country for their special Khalifa Nan Khatai with the addition of almonds which is more than a simple cookie. Basically, Khatai is used to describe the word biscuit in Afghan traditions which reveals about its history back in the centuries. And Nan being an Irani word makes it a culmination of Irani and Afghani traditions and customs. Pakistani Soghat is there for you and you can order Khalifa Bakers special Nan Khatai at your door step whenever you want.

Khushab Dhoda

A sweet which is more than delicious and festive and is popular one of Sub-continent is Dhoda. The purity and real taste of the famous product has been maintained over the years to present the unique blend to the people who love sweets and food. Khushab Dhoda speaks of the traditions and customs of Pakistan. Milk, sugar, liquid glucose, and desi ghee are required to prepare it with alum and the dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts.

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