Gulab Jamun by Sohny Sweets & Bakers 2000, Karachi



Gulab Jamun By Sohny Sweets Bakers 2000 Karachi

Karachi is one of the biggest and beautiful cities Pakistan. The city of lights is equally famous for its food Nehari, bun kabab, Haleem and other things. One of the best places for the people who love sweets is Sohny sweets and bakers. They started working in 1980 and started with just room at Kehkashan Clifton Karachi. Not only their food is great but they have an inspiring entrepreneur story that will firm the belief in quality and passion. Their customer loyalty is so much that people come from all over Karachi and order their favorite sweets from all over the world. They are internationally recognized for their taste and quality and they have maintained that successfully for very long. Their mission is to provide pure and standard food with good quality and taste. They have an aim to improve customer loyalty and maintain the quality and taste. Although they have a lot of people who are trying their product for the first time but their main customers are second timers and loyal customers from all over the world. They hire best people for the job and get the finest chefs for making their products. Although they are famous for everything they make best their bestselling is Gulab Jamun. They have everything from freshly bakes bread and cake rusk to perfectly decorated birthday cakes. They have taken away as well as table service.

Gulab Jamun By Sohny Sweets Bakers 2000 Karachi Ingredients and recipe

The key ingredient includes sugar, pure milk, desi ghee, powder milk, egg, cardamom, all-purpose flour and dry fruits. All the dry ingredients are mixed together with milk and egg and they kneel until they turn into dough. Finally, this is divided into equal parts and rolled until they turn into balls. These balls are fried in pure desi ghee until they are light brown and cooked. Leaving them under cooked or over cooked is one of the big issues if they are over cooked they may not be soft and they may be hard from the core. Water is boiled in a large pan where pure organic sugar is added to caramelize properly until it boils. This caramelized sugar is used to soak the Gulab Jamun. Finally, these balls are added to caramelized sugar until they soak the sweetness properly. They are garnished with dry fruits and packed into sweet boxes.

There are two main ways to get the original Gulab Jamun. The first way is to get the gulab jamun from the original shop that is located at plot no, BC-4, Block No. 7, Kehkashan, Main Clifton, Karachi. Another and rather very simple way is to order it online from where a trained team is waiting to book the order and hand deliver it to you on your doorstep. Their aim is to provide easy access to everyone to the delicacies from all over Pakistan in just one click. You can send it as a gift to your friends living abroad, also you can get your order within two days and you don’t have to find the original shop.

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